2019 Year of The Boar

Year of the Boar:
This year promises to bring more ups and downs, likely much different types of ups and downs that 2018. The new normal is actually starting to be normal. Financials spring between a VIX in the low single digits one day then up to double digit percents the next. While business development is always critical, one thing is certain, there are elements in the business world we can not control. WSJ has some ideas on this, read 2019 projections article. The coming year will be a year to anticipate and try to manage for conditions in which there is very little if any control your business will have over the broader market. Therefore, turn to what you do have now, maximize your assets (financial, family, health, work force, land, buildings). All of these assets will yield long range return if you pay close attention to what you have now and minimize risk. This really isn’t revolutionary news, but during down times, it can be cause to pretend to see around the corners, what might be… this year will likely be a year in which we really don’t know what will be and if you don’t know, take measured steps.