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’Empowering organizational change, one person at a time’
 Scott Plymale LCSW, PhD CEO & Founder
William Scott Consulting is led by Scott Plymale LCSW, Ph D. Dr. Plymale’s professional and educational experiences have focused on leadership development, organizational change, learning organizational redesign, team building, group facilitation and direct one-to-one executive coaching. Dr. Plymale graduated from University of Mary Washington with a bachelors of science in psychology and a bachelors of arts in philosophy. He earned his masters degree from Smith College School for Social Work and went on to pass his clinical licensing exams and now is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of California. Dr. Plymale attended Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center to earn his doctorate in organizational systems. The focus of Dr. Plymale’s research was on transformational leadership styles in relation to learning organization principles. Scott Plymale has been an executive director, senior consultant and adviser to dozens of agencies both for-profit and non-profit. Organizations are all working in the context of a global transition from an industrial era and into an information era. The challenge most organizations face is how to manage the transition into the information era by utilizing the full potential of the organization’s personnel and critical technologies. Dr. Plymale’s research and professional experiences highlight the importance of leadership within the change process. Dr. Plymale works closely with leadership to help them change from a top-down method to a supportive, dynamic system of communication and knowledge sharing processes. The ultimate aim of William Scott Consulting is to help organizations develop processes and practices to improve financial outcomes, encourage professional growth and ensure organizational sustainability.

Our Team

Our talented team engages with clients to help reach leadership, team and organizational objectives.

Our skills

We assist organizations, teams and leaders with our skills to address both short and long-term objectives. Capital investment to get your company off the ground or direct hands on guidance to help show you the way. Outcome driven, our clients rank their satisfaction on each area of service.


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Organizational Development


Team Development


Leadership Development

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