Can I speak with William Scott Consulting directly prior to scheduling an event?

William Scott Consulting can be reached by calling (415) 310-4866 any time of the day. Someone will return your call within 24 hours. You can also email us directly at info@williamscottconsulting.com.

Does William Scott Consulting work internationally?

William Scott Consulting has provided support to clients all over the globe. Many times travel can be minimized by use of real time video communication systems which William Scott Consulting will work with clients to establish. If there is a requirement for William Scott Consulting to travel for a particular service, the details of travel can be discussed with Dr. Plymale.

What is the cost of William Scott Consulting Services?

Fees for services are based on the type of service but generally the rate for all services is charged at $200.00 per hour with all day events (8 hours or more) rates decreased to $175.00 per hour. In some cases, planning, research or reports may be developed prior to an event and time spent may be charged to the client. Half-day, all day and multiday events will require a 25% deposit prior to the event.
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