Looking Down the Road to a RECOVERY

There is little doubt that the past bull market will eventually come to an end with the bears taking hold. A possible recession driven by inflation, political challenges, debt, geopolitical unrest. There are any number of possible nudges that could occur and spur a downward trend. While most are lost on the current “what if’s” it would be wise to look further down the road. A pull back now might just be one of your best investment opportunities, not to for short term returns, but for preparation for the next upturn. The upturn will occur and perhaps more dramatically than 2008-2018 period. To find your way through this troubling period, be comforted in the fact that in time, if you practice a long range approach, you will be rewarded. So, trouble yourself with preparation, not for a short term investment strategy, but a lovely hold, breath, wait and then wait some more. The waiting could take years, but at this point in time, it will be wise to have a longer range vision. Look out onto the horizon, as far as you might see, and at one of those distant points, that might produce some promise for returns.