Our process

William Scott Consulting partners with others in the face of opportunities and challenges. The change process addresses immediate as well as long-term objectives to create dynamic, healthy, productive practices. WSC works with individuals, groups, organizations and communities to sustain productivity and innovation for long term success.

Our pricing

Fees for services are based on the type of service but generally the rate for all services is charged at $200.00 per hour with all day events (8 hours or more) rates decreased to $175.00 per hour. In some cases, planning, research or reports may be developed prior to an event and time spent may be charged to the client. Half-day, all day and multiday events will require a 25% deposit prior to the event.

Happy Clients

  • Scott has added a depth to our service delivery as an in home health care agency. Working with him has added another dimension as we look to remain a primer provider in the San Francisco region.

    Ila Bansil, Health Link LLC
  • I have worked with William Scott Consulting on a number of projects to enhance organizational outcomes. With the complexity of modern work settings, it takes a unique consultant to bring strategic thinking, outcome focus and innovation to services delivery processes, WSC delivered on all three.

    Scott Collier Ph.D. Research Institute
  • Capital assets are key to any organizational growth and William Scott Consulting made it easier for us to explore options for expiation into retail space as well as monetization of our website offerings. Capital was a key to our growth strategy.

    Mayu Kawata, Mama Goddess Birth shop LLC
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