Team Development

William Scott Consulting works directly with teams to facilitate greater effectiveness and efficiency. With over a decade of experience supporting teams transitioning from good to great, outcome focused and aimed to support organizational needs.

  • Participatory Decision Making: Effective decision making strategies that integrate team participation have been found to lead to the most successful long term performance outcomes. WSC coaches on ways to utilize models of decision making that allow clarity and efficiency to group discussion.
  • Effective Team Communication: Team building and success centers on communication. Creating and sustaining a highly effective team requires communication techniques that allow for disagreement, competing ideas andtrust. Taping into the dynamic nature of teams can yield results beyond expectations. WSC helps unlock group potential by developing effective communication processes.
  • Team Goal Design: Having multiple stakeholders can dilute a team’s focus. Teams hold vast amounts of potential, but much of it goes unrealized. Designing team goals and strategies to reach goals are critical. WSC assists teams to design goals as well as a strategic processes to reach goals.